CHJA 2016 - Schooling Hunter

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    All Hands On Dex Melissa Morton Andrea N. Van Meenen 10 800.00
2    Allouette Leanne P. Fesenmeyer Stephanie A. Bell
Leanne P. Fesenmeyer
9 713.00
3    Party Crowd Marcy J. Wright Stephanie L. Peterson 2 280.00
4    A Fine Design Benton's Fine Finds,LLC Sarah V. Watson 3 271.00
5    Limousine Heather R. Chenault Laurie P. Jueneman
Heather R. Chenault
2 255.00
6    Tongue In Cheek Andrea K. Falconer Andrea K. Falconer 4 226.00
7    Archurro Tracy L. Curran Tracy L. Curran 2 220.00
8    Electra Sarah E. Cowden Andrea N. Van Meenen 1 170.00
9    Hyperion Lauren E. Turco 1 135.00
10    Learning To Fly Heather R. Chenault Philip H. Dreissigacker
Heather R. Chenault
1 130.00
Rocket's Red Glare Claire T. Boxberger Ward Claire T. Boxberger Ward 2 130.00
12    Campion Debbie A. Bergman Hanna R. Brown 1 116.00
13    Centenario Melissa Morton Andrea N. Van Meenen 2 115.00
Mr. Lincoln Elizabeth L. Hund Dan P. Schiefen 1 115.00
15    Time To Tango Tanya H. Cosmini Tanya H. Cosmini 1 113.00
16    Only Mischief Taylor R. Valencia Taylor R. Valencia 4 110.00
17    Ecstatic Nancy L. Goodman 1 103.00
18    Almond Joy Cathi T. Rainold Cathi T. Rainold 1 90.00
19    Foretold Kay M. Beard 1 86.00
20    G.F. Oriental Express Jaylee A. McAninch Jaylee A. McAninch 2 85.00
21    After Hours Hailey J. Hak Hailey J. Hak 1 81.00
Capio Stephanie Fowler Stephanie Fowler 1 81.00
23    Raymond of Fox Hill Michele J. Chang Michele J. Chang 3 75.00
24    Mighty Nice Nikki M. Hurley 2 70.00
Roosevelt Gianna L. Lanteri Molly M. Brame 1 70.00
26    Harmony's Primavera Lindsay W. Lippincott Maci K. Miceli 1 50.00
27    Good Luck Charlie Makena A. Norton Makena A. Norton 1 47.00
28    King Of Hearts Ashley M. Beers Ashley M. Beers 2 45.00
Schoe N'Tell Katharine D. Leede Katharine D. Leede 1 45.00
Exhale Nancy L. Goodman Nancy L. Goodman 2 45.00
Nothin' But Net Emily R. Curran Abigale Chaplick 2 45.00
Graffiti Style Lynn M. VanVoris Lynn M. VanVoris 1 45.00
Liberty's Fire and Ice Pixie P. Alfond Gabrielle M. Brown 2 45.00
34    Henzo's Handy Melanie J. Heitmann Melanie J. Heitmann 1 40.00
Curious George Ellie M. Morehouse Brynn A. Carroll 1 40.00
Brightly Hillary Jean Sarah V. Watson 1 40.00
Great Time Isabella H. Lombardo Isabella H. Lombardo 1 40.00
38    Rio's Reflection Isabella H. Lombardo 1 35.00
Quick Decision Katie G. Huebner Katie G. Huebner 1 35.00
40    Perfect Storm Sarah L. Wagner Gabrielle M. Brown
Sarah L. Wagner
2 34.00
41    Oh Man Kirbi M. Spanbauer Andrea N. Van Meenen 1 30.00
Eclipso Jessica A. Lamacraft 1 30.00
Barbaresco Maggie G. Klau Maggie G. Klau 1 30.00
Hat Trick Meera K. Paranjape Meera K. Paranjape 1 30.00
The Genuine Red Hot Ailey E. Golightly Pittman 1 30.00
Gypsy Rose Terri Sassano Terri Sassano 1 30.00
47    Pantalones Picantes Rebecca S. Johnson Brynn A. Carroll 2 29.00
The one and only Amanda J. Arellano Karen S. Banister
Elizabeth D. Brewer
2 29.00
49    Caspian Danielle C. Dron Danielle C. Dron 1 25.00
Cotiere Laurie P. Jueneman Laurie P. Jueneman 1 25.00
51    All In The Family Brooke M. Swanson Dan P. Schiefen 1 20.00
On Delay Connor E. Olson Dan P. Schiefen 1 20.00
Wunderschone Madelyn S. McAllister Madelyn S. McAllister
Sarah V. Watson
2 20.00
54    Look Don't Touch Jennifer A. Ferguson Stephanie A. Bell 1 19.00
55    Quaid's Quicksilver Emma S. Asher 1 15.00
King Of Hearts Lindsay P. Bak Lindsay P. Bak 2 15.00
Caruso's Ransom Jan M. Ramaglia Jan M. Ramaglia 1 15.00
Demora Grace A. Leonard Grace A. Leonard 1 15.00
Once Natalie G. Smith Andrea N. Van Meenen 1 15.00
60    Legacy Of Roses Shelbie L. Burke Elizabeth D. Brewer 1 10.00
Take Time To Look Tricia M. Hartwig Tricia M. Hartwig 1 10.00
62    Kathleen's Touch Sam L. Goione Sam L. Goione 1 9.00
63    Sunny City Lexie K. Karet Lexie K. Karet 1 5.00
Spencer Fountain Valley School 1 5.00
Boston Avenue Lindy M. Hinman Lindy M. Hinman 1 5.00
Herbie Cross The Meadow Farm 1 5.00
Horse: All Hands On Dex
Owner: Melissa Morton
Rider: Andrea N. Van Meenen
Shows: 10
Horse: Allouette
Owner: Leanne P. Fesenmeyer
Rider: Stephanie A. Bell
Leanne P. Fesenmeyer
Shows: 9
Horse: Party Crowd
Owner: Marcy J. Wright
Rider: Stephanie L. Peterson
Shows: 2
Horse: A Fine Design
Owner: Benton's Fine Finds,LLC
Rider: Sarah V. Watson
Shows: 3
Horse: Limousine
Owner: Heather R. Chenault
Rider: Laurie P. Jueneman
Heather R. Chenault
Shows: 2
Horse: Tongue In Cheek
Owner: Andrea K. Falconer
Rider: Andrea K. Falconer
Shows: 4
Horse: Archurro
Owner: Tracy L. Curran
Rider: Tracy L. Curran
Shows: 2
Horse: Electra
Owner: Sarah E. Cowden
Rider: Andrea N. Van Meenen
Shows: 1
Horse: Hyperion
Owner: Lauren E. Turco
Shows: 1
10  Horse: Learning To Fly
Owner: Heather R. Chenault
Rider: Philip H. Dreissigacker
Heather R. Chenault
Shows: 1
Horse: Rocket's Red Glare
Owner: Claire T. Boxberger Ward
Rider: Claire T. Boxberger Ward
Shows: 2
12  Horse: Campion
Owner: Debbie A. Bergman
Rider: Hanna R. Brown
Shows: 1
13  Horse: Centenario
Owner: Melissa Morton
Rider: Andrea N. Van Meenen
Shows: 2
Horse: Mr. Lincoln
Owner: Elizabeth L. Hund
Rider: Dan P. Schiefen
Shows: 1
15  Horse: Time To Tango
Owner: Tanya H. Cosmini
Rider: Tanya H. Cosmini
Shows: 1
16  Horse: Only Mischief
Owner: Taylor R. Valencia
Rider: Taylor R. Valencia
Shows: 4
17  Horse: Ecstatic
Owner: Nancy L. Goodman
Shows: 1
18  Horse: Almond Joy
Owner: Cathi T. Rainold
Rider: Cathi T. Rainold
Shows: 1
19  Horse: Foretold
Rider: Kay M. Beard
Shows: 1
20  Horse: G.F. Oriental Express
Owner: Jaylee A. McAninch
Rider: Jaylee A. McAninch
Shows: 2
21  Horse: After Hours
Owner: Hailey J. Hak
Rider: Hailey J. Hak
Shows: 1
Horse: Capio
Owner: Stephanie Fowler
Rider: Stephanie Fowler
Shows: 1
23  Horse: Raymond of Fox Hill
Owner: Michele J. Chang
Rider: Michele J. Chang
Shows: 3
24  Horse: Mighty Nice
Owner: Nikki M. Hurley
Shows: 2
Horse: Roosevelt
Owner: Gianna L. Lanteri
Rider: Molly M. Brame
Shows: 1
26  Horse: Harmony's Primavera
Owner: Lindsay W. Lippincott
Rider: Maci K. Miceli
Shows: 1
27  Horse: Good Luck Charlie
Owner: Makena A. Norton
Rider: Makena A. Norton
Shows: 1
28  Horse: King Of Hearts
Owner: Ashley M. Beers
Rider: Ashley M. Beers
Shows: 2
Horse: Schoe N'Tell
Owner: Katharine D. Leede
Rider: Katharine D. Leede
Shows: 1
Horse: Exhale
Owner: Nancy L. Goodman
Rider: Nancy L. Goodman
Shows: 2
Horse: Nothin' But Net
Owner: Emily R. Curran
Rider: Abigale Chaplick
Shows: 2
Horse: Graffiti Style
Owner: Lynn M. VanVoris
Rider: Lynn M. VanVoris
Shows: 1
Horse: Liberty's Fire and Ice
Owner: Pixie P. Alfond
Rider: Gabrielle M. Brown
Shows: 2
34  Horse: Henzo's Handy
Owner: Melanie J. Heitmann
Rider: Melanie J. Heitmann
Shows: 1
Horse: Curious George
Owner: Ellie M. Morehouse
Rider: Brynn A. Carroll
Shows: 1
Horse: Brightly
Owner: Hillary Jean
Rider: Sarah V. Watson
Shows: 1
Horse: Great Time
Owner: Isabella H. Lombardo
Rider: Isabella H. Lombardo
Shows: 1
38  Horse: Rio's Reflection
Owner: Isabella H. Lombardo
Shows: 1
Horse: Quick Decision
Owner: Katie G. Huebner
Rider: Katie G. Huebner
Shows: 1
40  Horse: Perfect Storm
Owner: Sarah L. Wagner
Rider: Gabrielle M. Brown
Sarah L. Wagner
Shows: 2
41  Horse: Oh Man
Owner: Kirbi M. Spanbauer
Rider: Andrea N. Van Meenen
Shows: 1
Horse: Eclipso
Owner: Jessica A. Lamacraft
Shows: 1
Horse: Barbaresco
Owner: Maggie G. Klau
Rider: Maggie G. Klau
Shows: 1
Horse: Hat Trick
Owner: Meera K. Paranjape
Rider: Meera K. Paranjape
Shows: 1
Horse: The Genuine Red Hot
Owner: Ailey E. Golightly Pittman
Shows: 1
Horse: Gypsy Rose
Owner: Terri Sassano
Rider: Terri Sassano
Shows: 1
47  Horse: Pantalones Picantes
Owner: Rebecca S. Johnson
Rider: Brynn A. Carroll
Shows: 2
Horse: The one and only
Owner: Amanda J. Arellano
Rider: Karen S. Banister
Elizabeth D. Brewer
Shows: 2
49  Horse: Caspian
Owner: Danielle C. Dron
Rider: Danielle C. Dron
Shows: 1
Horse: Cotiere
Owner: Laurie P. Jueneman
Rider: Laurie P. Jueneman
Shows: 1
51  Horse: All In The Family
Owner: Brooke M. Swanson
Rider: Dan P. Schiefen
Shows: 1
Horse: On Delay
Owner: Connor E. Olson
Rider: Dan P. Schiefen
Shows: 1
Horse: Wunderschone
Owner: Madelyn S. McAllister
Rider: Madelyn S. McAllister
Sarah V. Watson
Shows: 2
54  Horse: Look Don't Touch
Owner: Jennifer A. Ferguson
Rider: Stephanie A. Bell
Shows: 1
55  Horse: Quaid's Quicksilver
Owner: Emma S. Asher
Shows: 1
Horse: King Of Hearts
Owner: Lindsay P. Bak
Rider: Lindsay P. Bak
Shows: 2
Horse: Caruso's Ransom
Owner: Jan M. Ramaglia
Rider: Jan M. Ramaglia
Shows: 1
Horse: Demora
Owner: Grace A. Leonard
Rider: Grace A. Leonard
Shows: 1
Horse: Once
Owner: Natalie G. Smith
Rider: Andrea N. Van Meenen
Shows: 1
60  Horse: Legacy Of Roses
Owner: Shelbie L. Burke
Rider: Elizabeth D. Brewer
Shows: 1
Horse: Take Time To Look
Owner: Tricia M. Hartwig
Rider: Tricia M. Hartwig
Shows: 1
62  Horse: Kathleen's Touch
Owner: Sam L. Goione
Rider: Sam L. Goione
Shows: 1
63  Horse: Sunny City
Owner: Lexie K. Karet
Rider: Lexie K. Karet
Shows: 1
Horse: Spencer
Owner: Fountain Valley School
Shows: 1
Horse: Boston Avenue
Owner: Lindy M. Hinman
Rider: Lindy M. Hinman
Shows: 1
Horse: Herbie
Owner: Cross The Meadow Farm
Shows: 1

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